Raising Kind, Compassionate, Feminist Kids one Family at a Time


What does respectful, feminist parenting look like for your family?

What does it mean become a mother, particularly a feminist mother, in our cultural moment?

How do we raise kind sons and brave daughters - kids who can follow their own spirits and stand up against bias, hatred, and discrimination?

How do we connect with other families so that we don’t have to go at this alone?

Let’s ask these questions together.


I help families to lay the foundations for a family culture that is respectful, feminist, and justice-minded. I work with families through one to one mentoring and e-courses on issues like resisting gender stereotypes, talking about patriarchy, consent, and unconscious bias, creating an inclusive family culture, and addressing everyday parenting challenges from a respectful, peaceful, feminist perspective.

I call it ‘parenting towards justice,’ but you might also call it ‘growing people who are compassionate, fair, and kind.’

I’d love to support you to have an easier time raising kids who can change the world.


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Feminist mothering, Montessori-based home education, and respectful slow parenting of our two small boys

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